Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Grizzly Joe's Apparel Photo Shoot

Below is a photo shoot I recently did for my good friends over at Grizzly Joe's Apparel. Grizzly Joe's is an independent clothing and accessories company that was set up by my good friend Alex Lowth and over the past couple of months the business has been booming! It was great fun going out and doing this shoot for his first product launch and I am happy to see that his hard work is paying off!

Hopefully I will be working on some more projects with GJ's in the future as the company goes from strength to strength and his product range slowly grows. With halloween round the corner I know that Alex himself is already working on something big for the end-of-October drop so be sure to go over and check out all their products.

Thats it for now, Keep being creative!


Also, make sure to go over and check out Grizzly Joe's Apparel for yourself!

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