Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Old Skool

Just a very quick post today as it is Sunday. I did a little project last week to create a couple of posters for a local company to target the student population in our local city. I decided after a little bit of research I wanted to have a go at creating an old skool comic book effect for the posters. I've really liked the style for a while and thought it would be the perfect time to try out some design work of that effect for myself.

I found that when creating something that needs to have an old skool print effect that you need to use pastel colours to match the printing quality of that time. Creating the perfect colour pallet before you start makes the process of designing much easier. I took some time to research a few old style print on the internet and then used those images in Photoshop to find the colour codes of the colours on the images. Once I had the codes I was able to open illustrator and create my colour pallet for my design.

The next thing you need to get right when creating this style of design is the text. Finding the right text for your designs is always important. It is common practise for designers to not use the standard texts that are in-built into your computer system. Although, sometimes companies may have a corporate text they use for all their publications. It's only in these cases I tend to use in-built fonts. The text I used for this particular project was a comic styled font known as SF Comic Script. The font is really effective and saves time using a standard font and trying to add effects to make it look more comic like. Sometimes for projects it is more effective to use a self created font but for this particular projects a comic standard is good enough for the overall aesthetic feel.

Once these two steps were completed it was all about creating some cool visuals to sell the product.

I'm currently working on another project which I will share with you in a couple of weeks. I'll probably have some more posts before then and I am hoping to eventually get some tutorials posted on here to take you through step by step of some of the projects I work on.

Until next time, keep being creative!

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